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Accurate Orders and Invoicing… On-Time Jobsite Delivery… Safe and Efficient Workplace Practices. SPEC, with its' absolute reputation for excellence, is founded both on relationships and results that speak for themselves. Highest quality product inventory, competitive pricing and an assurance to all contractors, to provide the products and services they need… When Ever… Where Ever.


Expert Advice… Accurate Estimates… Creative Showroom Solutions. SPEC is committed to partnering with you and becoming YOUR roofing solution. No matter what the issue; our team of trained, professionals are standing by and dedicated to YOU… Making certain each issue is effectively resolved. On The Mark… On Time… Every Time.

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SPEC Building Materials Corporation is recognized as one of the nation’s leading wholesale distributors of the highest quality building materials, equipment and products for both commercial and residential roofing contractors. Since 1973, SPEC has strategically grown to thirty-six convenient branch locations in markets throughout the Midwest, the South and Southeastern regions.

With a forty year reputation for excellence, SPEC represents a vast collection of lifetime relationships with suppliers and contractors who depend on a distributor, who is committed to their success. Each branch with an experienced, knowledgeable staff of associates who are trained to provide professional services, quality materials and competitive pricing, and have become an everyday solution for our contracting partners and the industry’s absolute best value. When you're in search of the real roofing solution?

SPEC Building Materials… Your Solutions Partner.

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